Secondary Token - $KOHAI
$KOHAI is a secondary token that is used in the ecosystem for Project Senpai, it can be used to purchase NFTs, physical watercolor prints as well as select TCGs. This will also include having a $KOHAI only line of NFT chibi-styled collectible cards and TCGs.
$KOHAI will be capped at a maximum of 42,000,000 Tokens and is only obtainable through staking $SENPAI.
ETH-KOHAI will be available on Uniswap.

$KOHAI will be used to purchase lottery entries into our monthly lotteries. Lotteries will be held monthly where users can win either collectible NFTs or our TCG NFTs and various other prizes. Lottery entry prices will be determined by the rarity of the NFT or prize being held in the giveaway!

Some NFTs, both collectible and TCG, will only be acquirable by using $KOHAI to purchase them. Farming pools will also be available to farm for our NFTs through the use of $KOHAI.

Users will have the option to buy our watercolor prints in exchange for $KOHAI.

50% of $KOHAI from all branded NFT sales will go into the Community Treasury to be distributed to $SENPAI holders.
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