Project Senpai Token - $SENPAI

Token Contract: 0x5a705745373a780814c379ef17810630d529efe0

Project Senpai Tokens ($SENPAI) are an ERC-20 token for the Project Senpai Universe. $SENPAI is designed to be the project currency for holding and utility. Holders will be able to participate in voting about future designs, stake $KOHAI, as well as earn Senpai Holdings rewards!

SENPAI will be capped at 231491.9105065 Tokens and will be allocated as such:

*Note all users who purchased NFTs before the sale of $SENPAI have been airdropped $SENPAI at a rate of 0.0008 ETH

Staking SENPAI

$SENPAI staking is an incentive for holding $SENPAI and supporting the project ecosystem. Stakers will receive freshly minted $KOHAI.

TCG NFT Farming

Specific TCGs (Trading Card Game) NFTs will only be obtainable through farming them with $SENPAI. All Black TCGs will only be farmable through using $SENPAI.

Senpai Holdings

$SENPAI holders will have the ability to earn Senpai Holding rewards in the future once it's developed and launched. Senpai Holdings will consist of $KOHAI and also ETH obtained through purchases of $KOHAI only NFTs, as well as a percent of the fees earned from OpenSea NFT sales.

Burned Tokens:

Main : 0xe36fc2a5d19c80b71a564117e94b0eb4cb9af8bdd06d1fc8b9b20b351b8573e0 Private Sale : 0xd9aaa46d678a2b5711b3c9fcb8029870ad01938d7220ca77fb2c328c1251f893 NFT Presales : 0x3f2ccc0db3a93ea833b920eb26a78def1eb68e9182b7f7e683a60b9c7cb99acc

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