Each NFT we mint will have a collection, or multiple collections it can be used in. Collections will reward a limited edition NFT that is an upgraded rarity tier of the required NFTs for that collection. You can see an example of this in the image above.

New collections will come as each new chibi-styled NFT is released, so be sure to collect one of each as you never know what the next collection may require!

FAQs :

Q : Will my NFTs be burned when I redeem for a collection reward? A : No! Due to each collectible being used in multiple collections, your NFTs will not be burned when you redeem for a reward!

Q : Are the rewards for collections random, or will they be a specific NFT? A : All collection rewards will be a specific NFT for that collection and not randomized.

Q : Is the Black Edition your highest tier rarity? A : No, Limited is our highest tier rarity, and can only be obtained through collection completions and also specific events / holidays.

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