Q : What is a Senpai? A : In Japanese the word is used more broadly to mean "senior" or "upperclassmen."
Q : What is a Kohai? A : Kohai is the junior or lower person in a hierarchal status and often looks up to a Senpai.
Q : What is a Chibi? A : A Chibi is a Japanese slang word describing something short (a thing, an animal or a person).
Q : Are Chibis considered children? A : No! Chibis are generally a smaller version of something to make it look kawaii, or cute.
Q : Are your designs of legal age? A : Yes, all of our designs are modeled to be 18+, small chested, long legged anime characters. The closest physical resemblance is to small chested runway models, which is where some inspiration was derived from.

Q : Why are the project tokens divided into multiple wallets? A : Tokens were distributed to individual wallets for better accountability and transparency.
Q : What are all wallets controlled by the project? A :
The last is the token contract for the Developer funds which are locked for 1 year.
Q : Why are there 2.1 million tokens in the locked developer wallet? A : These funds were locked prior to the presale by request from the community. Upon unlocking, all but 23149.19105065 tokens will be burned.
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